The All Natural Insect Repellant You Eat
Safe for Pets

The Story of Mozi-Q

My name is Erin Bosch and I own a homeopathic clinic in Calgary, Alberta.

Over the past ten years we have seen thousands of people have success with homeopathic medicine. One little remedy that we stumbled across seems to stand out every spring.

A couple of years ago we read in a textbook about a specific homeopathic remedy that causes mosquitoes and other bugs to avoid you. We started selling it in our little clinic and discovered that it works!

An oral mosquito repellant... seemed like a neat idea.

Fast forward 3 years... we were continually selling out of this little remedy. After a particularly high day of sales and some great face to face testimonials, I announced, "If I were to die tomorrow, I would want my tombstone to read, "She kept the mosquitoes away!"

My assistant gave me a funny look... Eureka!

That's the story of how MOZI-Q was created.

We tweaked the formula a bit, and since we can't guarantee that you will never be bitten by a bug again, we have designed this formula to reduce the frequency of bites as well as the reactions that people have to bites. No more itching and big red bumps!

No smelly sprays, no stinky coils... what a great ally for camping, golfing, hiking, biking... could revolutionize the whole outdoor experience!