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Xerion Dispensary is a homeopathic formulator and manufacturer making products with mass appeal.

Company Description

Xerion Dispensary is a homeopathic formulation and manufacturing company based in Calgary, AB. Xerion Dispensary strives to create products that provide safe and natural solutions to everyday concerns. Whether it's new and innovative formulas or time-honoured remedies, Xerion Dispensary is dedicated to making a household name for homeopathy and its products.

With strong ties to Xerion Homoeopathie and the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, Xerion Dispensary is in a unique position to formulate products with clinical appeal that are backed by rigorous academic research. Xerion Dispensary is poised to be the lead player in the growth of the homeopathic formulation and manufacturing industry, and to foster the ever-growing homeopathic movement by marketing products with mass appeal in a fresh, new way.

Why we became a B Corp

We believe that business is a driving force for change, and becoming a B Corp provides us with a structure to create measurable, positive change.

The Change we Seek

Xerion Dispensary strives to create a world where safe and reliable natural medicines are readily available to people who want to have the freedom of choice for their healthcare. This is a world that uses healthcare to promote strength, not teat weakness. Xerion Dispensary sees a safe, affordable, non-toxic medicine being used in developing countries.

Xerion Dispensary believes that people should go to work in a place where they can have fun and are actively changing the world. Xerion Dispensary believes that dreams are meant to be acted upon, and encourages employees to work towards both personal and corporate goals.