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About Xerion Dispensary

Xerion Dispensary is a homeopathic formulation and manufacturing company based in Calgary, Alberta. We strive to bring products to the market that provide safe and natural solutions to everyday concerns. Whether it's our new and innovative formulas or time-honoured remedies, we are dedicated to making a household name for homeopathy and its products.

Xerion Dispensary's owner, Erin Bosch, is the President and CEO of Xerion Homoeopathie, a clinic in Northwest Calgary. This provides us with clinical experience; here, formulations are tried, tested, and tweaked in an environment that allows for immediate customer feedback. By the time Xerion Dispensary starts manufacturing a product, all the market research is compiled and the product reflects the result of these efforts.

Erin is also the President and CEO of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine (WCHM). This allows us to have a close working relationship with some of the top minds in the homeopathic field. No other manufacturer has this close working relationship with a college. Through this exclusive working relationship, Xerion Dispensary is able to pass on our professional expertise to the client.

Xerion Dispensary is firmly rooted in an environmentally and socially responsible philosophy. We are Bullfrog Powered and committed to giving back to both our local communities, and the global homeopathic community.

Xerion Dispensary is poised to be the lead player in the growth of the homeopathic formulation and manufacturing industry, and to foster the ever-growing homeopathic movement by marketing products with mass appeal in a fresh, new way.